Legal Notice

Privacy statement: Independent evaluation experts

The purpose of the data collection is the creation of a registry of external Experts to be involved in the evaluation of proposals submitted under the open calls of the project QU4LITY. The personal data collected will not be used for any other purpose.

Conflict of interest: Independent evaluation experts

To ensure that the independent experts perform their work impartially, and that they do not have any conflict of interest in relation to the proposal or project which they are required to evaluate or review, the experts will be required to:

  1. confirm that there is no conflict of interest for the work s/he is carrying out by signing a declaration prior to the start of the work.
  2. inform the contracting party of any conflicts of interest arising in the course of their work.

Privacy statement: Proposers

The purpose of the data collection is the creation of a registry of proposals submitted under the open call of the project QU4LITY. The organisation data will be used for the assessment of proposals; and for the preparation of sub-grant agreements, if a proposal is retained for funding. Personal data collected will be used for communication purposes between the QU4LITY Consortium representatives and the proposers.

QU4LITY is an Acceleration Programme wthin the Interreg Europe initiative. By submitting a proposal you approve that related data:

  • Will be shared with the relevant services of the European Commission;
  • Will be shared with external experts for evaluation and review, only after the signature of a confidentiality declaration and a confirmation that they are not in a conflict of interest situation.

General terms

The QU4LITY EMS (Evaluation Management System), owned and administered by INNOVALIA (Asociación de Empresas Tecnológicas Innovalia with Spanish tax identification number C.I.F. G-95210910), complies with the Spanish Organic Law Number 15/1999, dated 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data. Any personal data obtained through the EMS website shall be entered into the files owned by INNOVALIA. The files are duly entered in the General Registry for the Protection of Personal Data, under the security measures set forth in Spanish Royal Decree number 994/1999, dated 11 June.

The user warrants that the personal data provided via EMS are true and correct, and undertakes to keep them updated and/or to notify INNOVALIA of any changes in the said data.

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